What Matters Now?

2:28 PM Brett Dusek 0 Comments

Do not be the willow tree in the great plains of life. For your weeping loneliness can be seen for many miles. The way you hold yourself saddens even the happiest of flowers. For they only have this one tree to look up to.

Do not be the rotting grape upon the vines of fruitfullness. For your caretaker may dispose of you quickly. Your vines are ripe with nutrients, yet your stem is damaged without healing. Open yourself now or your treasured kin will too begin to sour.

Do not be the homeless man freezing on the streets. For he feels hopeless and cannot find the drive in his heart. He wishes for another chance in time, but time moves on without him. His tears are the only warmth he feels now, but soon they will begin to dry up, leaving him cold and lonely once more.

Do not fear, for fear leads to failure.

The fierce winds of yesterday trouble the willow tree for days to come, weeping for its weakness. The rotting grape does not let today's rain saturate, for last week was too dry. The homeless man does not see a future because he cries over the past.

But I say to the willow tree, today is beautiful and sunny. The flowers are in full bloom and yet you still droop from yesterday. Lift your branches so that your deepest leaves can feel the sun. Become more like the Oak and grow tall so that the flowers can follow and become great sunflowers.

I say to the rotting grape, open your pours to the rain, because the rain is what makes your juices tasteful. Do not let the droughts of last week ruin your destined future. For you are the grape that makes the wine, and the wine is most enjoyed by your caretaker.

I say to the homeless man, be not troubled by time for it will not stop for you to catch up. Make your mends now, stand up. For today is all about you, and only you can push back the tears. Overcome your burden and inspire the ones who shared your burdens in the cold. For they know not of a future but through the man who fights and comes back to them with new clothes, a giving hand, and tears of happiness.

Understand that time makes no exception, and has no choice but to move forward. It has no choice but to leave the past behind.

It wastes nothing of itself and needs nothing but itself.

Become like the time on a clock and always be working toward the next second, the next minute, the next hour, and nothing more. For you are your greatest treasure. Why should you let one more moment waste away like the willow tree in the plains, or the rotten grape upon the vine, or the homeless man on the streets?

May your lonely, sour, and cold times be something of the past and realize your future is all that matters now.